2003 Northern States Super Natural

A Roman scene, complete with pillars and flames, set the stage for the second annual Northern States Super Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. Over 60 competitors came to Mount St. Mary Academy in Kenmore, NY on May 3 from as far away as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York City and New Jersey to compete in this seven-year fully drug tested show.

First to take the stage was the Figure class. New to figure competitions, but not new to the competitive arena was first place winner and Buffalo Destroyer Bombshell, Lisa Christie. Vaso Kroto was much improved over last year, came in looking shapely and tight, she placed second by a very small margin. Laura Barrett who also competed in the womanās novice class, placed third. New comers Casandra Johnson, Jovanna Grayson (also a Destroyer Bombshell) and Yolanda Page placed third through sixth respectively.
Next was the Teenage class. Both competitors displayed good muscularity, but Andrew Piechowicz took first while newcomer Mason Fox placed second.
Couples competitors Diane Drago and Matt Viemeister were both very ripped and placed first. Michelle Chatman and Irving Rosenthal placed second and posed very sensually while entertaining the crowd.
Seven women vied for first place in the Masters over 40 category. Debra Schnall placed seventh, Robin Taylor was sixth, Jacqueline Fletcher was fifth and Marie Misner took fourth. A very ripped Kathy Klemenich placed third while Theresa Oas took second. In first place with thick thighs, a ripped upper body and much improved over last year, was Tina Rozier.
In the Menās Masters over 40 class, David Klemenich displayed nice muscularity, amazing quad development and a ripped physique, earned first place. Mark Dorman placed second. Newcomer Eddie Mendez placed third, while Gary Baran placed fourth.
The Menās Masters over 50 was a tough class. All competitors came in looking sharp, but v-tapered Donny Robinson II took the top honors. In a very close race for second, seasoned veteran and always ripped, Steve Orsini had what it took. Ronald Hinkle who displayed great trap development placed third.
Coming out dressed as a very old man with a walker and robe was crowd favorite Irv Smith. Smith was ripped, but not quite ripped enough to beat first place Masters Over 60 winner Steve Orsini.
The Womanās Novice class was divided equally into Class A and Class B. The Womanās Class A title was easily claimed by ripped Tina Rozier. Rozier cleaned up this evening! In addition to winning the Masters, she won the Womanās Overall Novice title. Placing second in Class A was Kathy Klemenich. Theresa Oas, Karen Banzer and Robin Taylor placed third, fourth and fifth respectively.
In the Womanās Class B category, muscular, symmetrical and nicely proportioned Angela Scott was clearly the winner. Shapely Candace Shiree placed second. Joann Kostyk was ripped but needed more size, she placed third. Laura Barrett was fourth and Deborah Schnall placed fifth.
The Novice Men were divided into three classes. In Class A, Antoine King placed fifth, and Daniel Pierce was fourth. Two points from second place and displaying nice traps was Jeffrey Powell. Joe Oravecz showed a well-conditioned physique and a nice v-taper, which earned him second place. Thick, powerful and symmetrical Kai Moy earned the top, spot. He should have a nice future a head of him. Kai Moyās exceptional physique earned him the Overall Menās Novice title.
Teenage winner Andrew Piechowicz also had the top physique in Novice Class B. Mason Fox, also a Teenage Class competitor placed second while Todd Conroy placed third.
Thickly muscled Gary Baran placed fifth in the Menās Novice Class C. It was a very close contest between third and fourth place. Edwin Mendez placed fourth while Anthony Andrew who had a nice upper body, took third. Jerome Downey who displayed a nice overall shape and muscularity placed second. First place winner, Jason Murray, had a beautifully muscled, sharp and v-tapered upper body. This was his first contest. Murray has a great future a head of him and once he brings up his lower half, he will be a force in the competitive bodybuilding world.
With two pro cards on the line, the open class contestants had a battle ahead of them. Five lightweight women vied for a chance to posedown against the heavyweight winner for a pro card. In fifth place was Tammy Patnode. Michelle Chatman displayed a thick physique, but needed to be a little sharper, she was fourth. Sandra Lombardo had beautiful lines and symmetry but needed more muscle, she placed third. A well conditioned, sharp and hard physique earned Diane Drago second. Debbie Osborn had thick, well-shaped muscle and took the top spot in her class.
2002 Open Class winner Joan Bourkney had a nice v-taper, good symmetry and had put on size since last year, but wasnāt sharp enough to take the top spot, she placed second. Liz Wolf had a hard and detailed upper body and a tight lower half.
In the Womenās Open posedown, Wolf claimed the top prize, won a beautiful silver sword and became a WNBF pro! Her husband Dave, thrilled with Lizās victory, bowed down on the stage to honor his deserving wife.
The Open Men division had several high caliber athletes. Bantamweight Brad Clinkscales was another thickly muscled competitor, but was a little smooth, he placed second. Craig Yarnallās detailed thick quads and well-proportioned upper body landed him in the top spot.

In what was one of the toughest classes of the evening, the Open Lightweight class featured Darryle Lee and Matt Viemeister. Lee displayed a thick ripped mid-section and bulging biceps as well as a nice chest and back. Viemeister displayed a classic v-taper, mounded delts, a detailed upper body and quads that were popping out of his skin while he fought hard for this victory.
The Menās Open Middleweight class was claimed by David Klemenich whose finely detailed body earned him first. Although it was a close battle for first, Marc Frankās overall package earned him the runner up position. Donny Robinsonās placed third. Cory Gregory and Timothy Pitka both had nicely shaped physiques, but they both need a bit more conditioning. Gregory was fourth and Pitka placed fifth.

Luke Pecyna entertained the crowd with his green face and body when he appeared as the Incredible Hulk, but he was back from an injury and placed fifth. Also back from a recent injury was Irving Rosenthal, who placed fourth. A wide lat spread and bulging biceps landed Aaron Newman third place. In what was a very close race, Daniel Florestanās overall symmetry and muscularity wasnāt quite enough to nudge thickly muscled Rod Kendrick out of first place.
In the final class of the night, Irv Smith placed fourth. Scott Newman was thick but he was not as conditioned as last year, and placed third. The battle came down to two great, but very different bodies. Dave Wolf presented a well-conditioned physique, while Devon Horsford was massive. In the end, mass won out and Horsford went home with the first place trophy.
Five quality competitors vied for the overall. In the end, an emotional Matt Viemeister got what he came here for, his WNBF pro card.
After a grueling day of competition, the competitors (and helpers) were treated to a most welcomed meal of pizza from our sponsor Philās Pizza and Krispy Crme Donuts, donated by the donut giant.
Our sponsors: Pacilloās Fitness Equipment, Good Feet, Performance & Wellness Center, Beyond 2000 nutrition, Philās Pizza, Holiday Inn Amherst, Crayās Gym and Top Physique, helped to make the show possible.
Special thanks goes out to Mount St. Mary Academy for allowing us to stage this wonderful event at their venue, with very little notice; Paul Foxe for his help with the stage, sound and lighting; Ian Mercer, our back stage coordinator, our judges-Kathy DiMartino, Eddie Hernandez (also the guest poser), Don Len, Richard Derwald, John Aguglia and Melanie Granada (test judge); Myra Grauer, polygraph tester; photographer, Mark Giallella, Event Photography; Steven Kucsma, New Visions Video, Liz Seivert, program book designer and everyone else who helped us.
We are already planning for 2004. Mount St. Mary Academy is the location and the date is scheduled for either April 24 or May 1.
Check out www.northernstatessupernatural.com for more photos from the show and updates for our 2004 show.
Congratulations to Liz Wolf, Matt Viemeister and all of the rest of the contestants! We hope to see everyone next year.


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