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2005 INBF Northern States Super Natural
By Marian Giallombardo
An amazing medieval set complete with 8-foot hand stenciled walls, flames and 10-foot pillars set the stage for the 4th annual Northern States Super Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. On April 30 nearly 60 competitors stormed the stage at McKinley High School in Buffalo, NY.
Giant jewel-adorned swords, etched medallions and Neils Andersen trophies were just some of the prizes awarded. The most coveted award — a WNBF pro card — was earned by the four new pros: Nicole Weekes (figure), Paul Iatomasi Sr., Brian Secord, and Angela Scott (bodybuilding).
Last year’s winners, Larry Baiz and Valarie Kelly took to the stage as they walked with the giant swords and ceremoniously placed them into a huge stone.
Two teens started off the evening. Dan Iatomasi, new to the NSSN stage had nice lines but not quite good enough to beat veteran NSSN competitor, Mason Fox. This kid is amazing! His dense muscles and proportioned body earned him the class win again this year.
Nicole Weekes, who also competed in figure and bodybuilding, was our only fitness competitor, and she looked great.
Next up were the women’s masters. These three ladies all did their homework. Debby Ohayon placed third. Pattie Meegan was hard and defined and took second, while Paula Franklin with her symmetrical physique and graceful performance placed first.
Men’s masters over 40 had a huge line up. Muscular and well proportioned, Paul Iatomasi Sr. took the top spot, second was muscular Kevin Jackson; ripped Joe Viteritti was third; Darryle Lee, fourth; John Fix, fifth; David Clark, sixth; Ed Mendez, seventh; Gary Baran, eighth and Brian Chapman was ninth.
Bruce Summers placed first in the master’s over 50 category. Next up was the woman’s novice class. Nicole Weekes had symmetry and shape and placed first. Much improved over last year, Debby Ohayon was second.
In the men’s novice class A veteran NSSN competitor Jefferey Powell had nice quads and traps and placed first (also won overall novice). Twanta Craig was second; Chris Koenig was third; David Clark, fourth; Lawrence Jackson, fifth and Bruce Summers was sixth.
In the novice class B, thickly muscled newcomer Richard Sharp earned the top spot. Billy Kocovski was second; Ed Mendez, third, John Fix, fourth; Gary Baran, fifth and Brian Chapman was sixth.
Eight lovely ladies graced the stage in the figure under 35 class. Nicole Weekes came from Florida to win the top spot and that is exactly what she did. She was poised, had nice shape and muscle tone and looked very professional. Her performance earned her a WNBF pro card. An extremely close second, by one point, was nicely detailed Heather Giudice. Adele Lehman placed third in this tough class. Tara Palmer was fourth; Natasha Bacheyie was fifth; Madeline Alvarado came in sixth; Joanne Gallo, seventh; and Venis Benitez was eighth.
Newcomer, Ann-Maria Figueroa had a pleasing toned body and placed first. Debby Ohayon, placed second and Vaso Kroto was third.
Women’s open lightweight had two very competitive ladies. No stranger to the NSSN stage, Tammy Patnode placed first. She continues to improve each year and was impressive. Pattie Meegan was hard and defined but was edged out of the top spot and placed second.
Women’s heavyweight, Angela Scott was hard and ripped. She deservedly earned the top spot. Thickly muscled Stephanie Foley placed second. Paula Franklin’s beautiful symmetry earned her third place against some tough competition. Adrienne Priebe placed fourth and Demary Checo was fifth.
Men’s bantamweight competitor, Geoffrey Heusinger was prepared again this year and once again won his class. In second place was Paul Stock. Paul had many audience members in tears as he performed his routine. Paul has MS and his efforts did not go unnoticed. What an inspiration he is!
Kevin Jackson came from North Carolina to compete. He was muscular with nice symmetry and placed first in the lightweight class. Darryle Lee was second and Kai Moy was third.
Men’s middleweight competitor Brian Secord earned the top spot and his shot at a pro card. He showcased highly-developed, thick, separated quads as well as well-balanced arms. In second place was Marc Frank. Marc’s hard work in the gym has paid off with his continued improvement. The youngest of the Iatomasi family, Dan, had an appealing V-taper and placed third.
Men’s light heavyweight competitor, Paul Iatomasi Jr. placed first with a well- proportioned physique. Joe Viteritti’s ripped physique earned him the second spot. Daniel Florestan was third; Mason Fox was fourth and Brian Turnbull was fifth.
The men’s heavyweight class was tough. There was a lot of hard muscle on stage from which to choose. Paul Iatomasi Sr.’s combination of symmetry and muscularity earned him the top honor. Thick and chiseled Nando Sala placed second as he was narrowly edged out of first. Ansel Shields was third; Devon Horsford was well proportioned but needed to be leaner, he was fourth. Irv Rosenthal was fifth.
The fight for the overall title was tough. All five gave it their best shot. In the end, Paul Iatomasi Sr. edged out the competition and went home with his WNBF pro card. He pulled the sword from the stone and savored his victory. Brian Secord was the top Canadian in the overall posedown and also went home as a WNBF pro.
The judges had to decide between the hard chiseled body of Angela Scott and Tammy Patnode, who displayed a nice combination of shape and muscle. But it was Angela’s day as she earned her WNBF pro card.
Promoters Marian Giallombardo and Donnie Cray would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity: Pacillo’s Fitness Equipment, Max Nutrition, Falls Fitness Factory, Nutrition Dynamics, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, and Hart Hotels.
Special thanks to: Scott Appleby for his tireless dedication to the creation of the set; Mel Granada for doing what ever needed to get done; and my family (Shirley, Barbara, Michael, and Peter Giallombardo, Arnold and Carole Chernick and Rosily Tamburello) who worked the door, lobby and concessions.
Next year’s show is planned for the end of April or early May. It is tentatively planned for same venue, McKinley High School. We are having an outer space theme.
Be sure to check our website for more photos and updates for our 2006 show.
2005 Northern States Super Natural Results

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1st Mason Fox
2nd Dan Iatomasi

1st Nicole Weeks*

Woman’s Masters
1st Paula Franklin
2nd Pattie Meegan
3rd Debby Ohayon

Men’s Masters 40+
1st Paul Iatomasi Sr.
2nd Kevin Jackson
3rd Joseph Viteritti
4th Darryle Lee
5th John Fix
6th David A. Clark
7th Edwin Mendez
8th Gary Baran
9th Brian Chapman

Men’s Masters 50+
1st Bruce Leigh Summers

Woman’s Novice
1st Nicole Weeks
2nd Debby Ohayon

Men’s Novice Class A
1st Jefferey Powell
2nd Twanta Craig
3rd Christopher Koenig
4th David Clark
5th Lawrence Jackson
6th Bruce Leigh Summers

Men’s Novice Class B
1st Richard Sharp
2nd Billy Kocovski
3rd Edwin Mendez
4th John Fix
5th Gary Baran
6th Brian Chapman

Figure Under 35
1st Nicole Weeks*
2nd Heather Giudice
3rd Adele Lehman
4th Tara Palmer
5th Natasha Bacheyie
6th Madeline Alvarado
7th Joanne Gallo

Figure Over 35
1st Anna Figueroa
3rd Vaso kroto
2nd Debby Ohayon
  Open Classes

Womans Lightweight

1st Tammy Patnode
2nd Pattie Meegan

Woman’s Heavyweight
1st Angela Scott*
2nd Stephanie Foley
3rd Paula Franklin
4th Adriene Priebe
5th Demary Checo

Men’s Bantamweight
1st Geoffrey Heusinger
2nd Paul Stock

Men’s Lightweight

1st Kevin Jackson
2nd Darryle Lee
3rd Kai Moy

Men’s Middleweight

1st Brian Secord**
2nd Marc Frank
3rd Dan Iatomasi

Men’s Light Heavyweight

1st Paul Iatonasi Jr.
2nd Joseph Viteritti
3rd Daniel Florestan
4th Mason Fox
5th Brian Turnbull

Men’s Heavyweight

1st Paul Iatomasi Sr.*
2nd Nando Sala
3rd Ansel Shields
4th Devon Horsofrd
5th Irving Rosenthal

*overall winner
**Canadian pro card winner