Results and Photos from the 2008 Show


2008 Northern States Super Natural Results

Dan Iatomasi - Open Men's Overall Winner (pro card winner), Light Heavyweight - 1st place

Laurie Miraglia - Figure Overall Winner (pro card winner), Ms. Fit 1st place

Kristy Wehmann - Overall Women's Bodybuilding Winner, Open women lightweight

Dean Annette - 1st place light weight, Pro card winner (as Canadian raking canadian)

Vaso Kroto - bikini winner

Fernando Cipriani - Overall Novice winner

Shalom Singer - 1st place figure under 35

David Wells - teenage winner, male model winner

Coty Hayes - Open Heavyweight winner

Jennifer Morakis - Open women heavyweight winner - 1st place

Dean Annette - Men's Masters Over 40 - 1st place, Men Open Lightweight - 1st place, winner & Pro card winner (as Canadian raking canadian)

Philip Elliott - Men's Masters Over 50 - 1st place

Fernando Cipriani - Men Novice Class A - 1st place, Overall Novice winner

Edward Sundberg - Men Novice Class B - 1st place

John Penkin - Men Middleweight - 1st place


2008 Northern States Super Natural
By Marian Giallombardo

A prehistoric theme was the backdrop for the 7th annual Northern States Super Natural Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships. On April 26, competitors took the stage at McKinley High School in Buffalo, NY for a fun filled and exciting evening.

Giant swords, lifting straps and dip belts (provided by WSF Fitness Products) and huge trophies (some almost five feet tall) were just some of the prizes awarded. The most coveted award — a WNBF pro card — was earned by the three new pros: Laurie Miraglia (figure), Paul Iatomasi Jr. and Dean Annette.

In the Male Model class five buff competitors took the stage. David Wells was ready for fun. He was cute, spunky and very well built for his age. He took first. J. B. Brown looked like an underwear model. His tall and striking physique earned him second. Twanta Craig improved from last year, he was third. Curt Terrano was fourth and Howard Jeandenis, fifth.

The Bikini class was a fun class to watch as six beauties flaunted their stuff. Shapely NSSN veteran, Vaso Kroto was well-toned and earned top honors. Sarah Brockner came in very fit and placed second. Melissa McIntyre was third, Dominique Brown fourth, Angela Douglas fifth and Echo Young, sixth.
The Ms. Fit Body was a new class this year. Laurie Miraglia’s lean and tight physique helped her earn the top spot in this tough class. Theresa Maloney was also a standout and displayed a balanced and pleasing physique. She came in second. Third was Olivia McGuire, who had a nice symmetrical physique. Deborah Scarpulla was fourth; Shalom Singer, fifth; Jennifer Morakis, sixth; Vaso Kroto, seventh and Craig A. Tracy, eighth.
Teens David Wells and George McCraith both show much promise. David was first and George second.

Seven men hit the stage in the Men’s Masters Over 40 class. Dean Annette stood out with good muscularity, hardness and definition. By unanimous decision he earned the top spot and was also the overall masters winner. Phil Placko displayed had a balanced and hard physique. He placed second. NSSN veteran who always comes prepared, Eugene Ring placed third. Edward Korona was fourth; Richard Sharp, fifth; Gary Baran, sixth and Philip Elliott placed seventh. Phil also competed in the over 50 class.
Fernando Cipriani was thick and hard and had a nice v-taper and took first in the Men’s Novice A class (overall novice winner). Phil Placko placed second and David Wells was third.

Edward Sundberg had symmetry and a nice overall physique and placed first in the Men’s Novice B class. Howard Jeandenis was second; Philip Elliott was third.

A shapely and toned body helped Shalom Singer take the top spot in the Figure Under 35 class. Kathy Williams displayed nice symmetry and placed second. Jennifer Morakis was third and Tracy Shultis was fourth.
Laurie Miraglia enjoyed another first as she beat other very competitive ladies in the Figure over 35 class. She was tight and toned. Olivia McGuire placed second, Theresa Maloney, third; Deborah Scarpulla, fourth; Vaso Kroto was fifth and Tracy Craig was sixth.

Kristy Wehmann was the Open Women’s Lightweight winner (overall winner). She was lean with nice abs. Jennifer Morakis was the Heavyweight winner.

Thick legs, nice lats and good overall symmetry earned Dean Annette first place in the Men’s Open Lightweight class. Curt Terrano displayed a nice physique, but could have been a bit sharper. He placed second, and teenager George McCraith placed third.

In the Men’s Open Middleweight class, John Penkin stood out with a nice v-taper and came in first. Nam Le had a nice overall structure, but needs more mass; he placed second. Eugene Ring displayed nice thick legs and placed third.

No stranger to the NSSN stage, Dan Iatomasi came to win. He is blessed with a balanced and pleasing physique, which will only get better with time. He placed first in the Light Heavyweight class. Twanta Craig was second.
Another competitor with sticking symmetry is Coty Hayes. He has a remarkable structure and plenty of potential. In 2007 he won the NSSN novice class and this year he earned first place in the Men’s Heavyweight class. Trevor Folgering’s wide lat spread helped him earn the second spot. In third was Luis Alfanso. Luis was hard with a substantial peek to his biceps. Large and hard, Richard Sharp placed fourth and Gary Baran was fifth.

The Men’s posedown was one of the toughest I have ever seen. All of the guys looked great and worked hard as they put their best body parts forward. The judges worked them until a decision was made. In the end Dan Iatomasi came out the victor. In a close second was Dean Annette. Dean also received his pro card (as he came in second and was the highest ranking Canadian).

Promoters Marian Giallombardo and Donnie Cray would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity: Fitness Fusion, WSF Fitness Products, and Hart Hotels.