Northern States Super Natural promoters, Marian Giamllombardo and Donnie Cray.


Marian Giallombardo:
Published the regional free publication Sports & Leisure Magazine for nearly two decades. Marian had competed in several local bodybuilding shows during the early to mid 90s. After a long break she competed again in 2001 and won the Herc's Classic Bodybuilding show where she won a WNBF pro card in bodybuilding. In 2015 Marian was inducted into the Buffalo Weightlifting Hall of Fame. Marian continues to keep fit by taking ballet lessons several times per week.

Don Cray:
Has been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for a number of years. He trained Marian as wall as a number of other competitors in both bodybuilding, figure, physique and bikini. He owned Cray's Gym and now personal trains at his fitness facility in Cheektowaga, NY.

Marian and Don put on their first show in 2002. They continue to promote with the drug-free federation INBF/WNBF. The competitors enjoy the family atmosphere, nice trophies, and the drug-free competition. They enjoy putting on shows and hope to help increase the interest in natural bodybuilding. They usually put on a Fall and a Spring show. In addition to the amateur shows, they also put on the WNBF Pro Masters Cup (Pro Masters Bodybuilding).