Results and Photos from Spring 2010 Show


2010 INBF Northern States Super Natural
American & Canadian Challenge

March 20, 2010
Buffalo, NY

Show Write Up (from Sports and Leisure Magazine)
By Marian Giallombardo
The 9th Annual Northern States Super Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships took place March 20. Over 70 came to compete at Maryvale HS in Cheektowaga, NY for a fun filled and exciting evening.

Huge trophies (some over five feet tall), lifting straps and dip belts (provided by WSF Fitness Products) and participation medallions were just some of the prizes awarded.

In the Jr Male Model class 3 buff competitors took the stage. Christopher Singletary was 1st, Russell Leone 2nd, Da’Vion Jones 3rd. Damien DeDonatis was 1st in the Male Model class.
In the bikini class Cute and spunky Kristi Kilhullen was 1st. In 2nd place was Sarah Brockner; 3rd Jaimee Mix; and 4th, Jill Glusek.
All 6 teenage competitors were all amazing. Michael Charles won hands down. In 2nd place was Hadi Bashang; 3rd Jared Petrassi, 4th Tyler Hartshorn, 5 th Chris Jadrich, 6th Chris Sufra.
The Ms. Fit Body class had 14 toned ladies. Claudia Minadeo-Fox displayed just the right amount of muscularity to win this tough class. Jenine Ditzler was 2nd, Laurie Wojcik, 3rd; Sundi Maldonado, 4th; Christie Nelson, 5th; Colleen Tighe, 6th; Rachel O’Hara, 7th; Sue Manera, 8th; Jenna Gaske, 9th; Sally Allgaier, 10th; Jennifer Gilson, 11th, Jennifer Gernatt, 12th; Angela Cusimano, 13th; Mary Przybala 14th.

Mady Carter was the only competitor in the fitness class and wow, she rocked. Her athletic performance was one of the highlights of the evening.

In the masters over 40, Richard Sharp stood out with his hard muscular body (he won the overall masters and a masters pro card); he placed first. Richard Maldonado was 2nd; Gregory Eckberg, 3rd; James Byrd, 4th; Michael Gordon, 5th; mark Solomon, 6th; Tomme Coleman, 7th; Willie Langley was 8th.
James Byrd was 1st in the Over 50 class. Hector Morales 2nd.; Mark Solomon 3rd; Gary Baron 4th; Tomme Coleman 5th (also 1st in the over 60 class); Willie Langley 6th.

Robyn Ford and James Byrd were the only competitors in the couples class.

In the men’s novice A class, Michael Charles was the unanimous winner. In 2nd was Curt Terrano; 3rd Daryl Wallace; 4th Lucas Sweet, 5th Matthew Rosenstein; Michael Carfagna 6th; Chris Surfa 7th.

In the men’s novice B class Michael Klamut who displayed muscularity and was very hard placed first (and won the novice overall). In 2nd Gregory Eckberg; 3rd Hadi Bashang; 4th Jared Petrassi; 5th Michael Loete.

Men’s Class C: Jevone Smith 1st; David Steinwald 2nd; Mark Solomon 3rd; Gregory Lewin 4th; Daniel Gasiecki 5th; Kris Cuddihy 6th.

In novice figure short, Christie Nelson took top honors. Jill Glusek 2 nd; Sally Allgaier 3rd; Caitlin Wert 4th. In the tall class Rachael O’Hara was first (and won the overall), Jaimee Mix 2nd; Jenna Gaske 3rd.

Ms Fit Body Over 40 class: Shapely and hard, Syndi Maldonado was 1 st; Claudia Minadeo-Fox 2nd; Theresa Smith 3rd; Sue Manera 4th; Sally Allgaiaer 5th; Marietta Bates 6th; Mary Przybala 7th.

Women BB over 40: Muscular, hard and symmetrical Robyn Ford placed 1st; Donna Trobia 2nd; Allgaierd 3rd; Lisa Hawley 4th; Kelly Petrillo 5th.

Women BB LW: Robyn Ford was first and won the overall (as well as her pro card); Melanie May 2nd; Sally Allgaier 3rd; Lisa Hawley 4th; Kelly Petrillo 5th.

Women BB HW: Donna Trobia 1st and Christine Babin 2nd.
Figure Over 40: Claudia Minadeo- Fox 1st; Laurie Wojcik 2nd; Sallly Alolgaier 3rd; Marietta Bates 4th.

Open Figure Short: Kristi Kilhullen looked great. She placed 1st and took the overall prize (and won a pro card). Claudia Minadeo-Fox 2nd; Colleeenn tighe 3rd; Jennifer Gernatt 4th; Angela Cusimano 5th; Marietta Bates 6th.

Open Figure Tall: Curvy Jenine Ditzler placed 1st; Megan Cormack 2nd; Megan Melone 3rd; Theresa Smith 4th; Laurie Wojik 5th; Jennifer Gilson 6th.

Men Open LW: Kevin Shosek 1st; Damien DeDonatis 2nd; Hector Morales 3rd; Bryan kovalchik 4th.

Men Open MW: Hard with nice symmetry, Scott Rawlings Jr placed first and won the overall honors (and a pro card). Justin Vitrano 2nd; John Yurcik 3rd.

Men Open LHW: Richard Maldonado 1st; Michael Gordon 2nd; Gary Baron 3rd.

Men Open HW: Michael Nikolaou was 1st; Donny Cornell 2nd; Richard Sharp 3 rd; Don Licari 4th; Romer Mendez 5th (he also had an amazing routine), Tomme Coleman 6th.

Best Poser: Damien DeDonatis (male), Lisa Hawley (female).
Most Muscular: Richard Sharp (male), Robyn Ford (female).
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We are now promoting two annual shows. Our next show is October 2, 2010 at Maryvale HS in Cheektowaga. It is an amateur show in conjunction with our Women’s Pro Natural Bodybuilding & Masters Figure Championships. And our next spring show will be March 19, 2011.

Fitness Winner, Mady Carter

Overall Women's and Masters Winner, Robyn Ford

Overall Men's Open Winner, Scott Rawlings Jr

Masters winner, Richard Sharp

Ms Fit Body winner, Claudia Minadeo-Fox

Bikini & Open Figure winner, Kristi Kilhullen